A three day intimate performance creation intensive facilitated by Sore for Punching You, Artistic Director Allison Cummings.

The participants begin and subsequently respond to a shared journey of creative response built specifically for the neighbourhood or area it is offered and its unique physical environments. Following a series of surprising twists and turns each artist, at the helm of their own response, is tasked individually to add separate elements into a collective whole. Unlikely muses are discovered and layers are formed as each participant is challenged to lend their voice in a variety of disciplines, quickly and without edit.

Individual solo works develop with each new and seemingly random viewpoint, revealing how the smallest detail has the power to completely transform the content of a piece.

Each participant will complete the three-day process with a new short performance work created in collaboration with the group.


“I’ve been wanting to participate and experience Field Trip for many years but obstacles kept getting in my way. This past summer the stars aligned, by stars I mean I was part of the Love-In team and we programmed Allison to teach her amazing workshop at the summer Love-In intensive:). Field Trip encompasses all the things I love and look for in a workshop, it was creation based, collaborative, there was moments of collective making, and included in depth conversations about what we’re working on. Allison is a generous facilitator and lead us through the workshop in a holistic and caring way.”

 -Tina Fuschell, The Toronto Dance Community Love-In Summer Intensive 2018

“The three-day intensive workshop, “Field Trip” is a fantastic way to explore contemporary dance and its relation to other relevant contemporary art forms. The multi-disciplinary approach focuses on the creative process and stimulates collaboration between participants. I really enjoyed working through a number of tasks that helped me consider the context, situation and audience of a performance. Workshop leader and choreographer Allison Cummings is very open minded and approachable and produces an informal environment that encourages creative risk-taking. It was great to meet like-minded artists and feel we really developed a lasting productive connection.”
– Niels Staats, Guest facilitator Field Trip CDF 2015

“CDF Field Trip 2015 was an amazing, truly experiential based creative process that included unique opportunities to engage with the environment and fellow participants, challenging task work, all along the way unexpected turns…literally! The facilitating artists were at once incredibly generous with their guidance, and dedicated to the authenticity our process, with the result being a layering that no one could have predicted or expected.

-Mary Catherine Black – Field Trip CDF 2015


“The Ottawa edition of field trip was a trippy experience, in the best sense of the word. Field trip is like Vegas, what happens there stays there, and stays in the minds of participants (including myself) for a long while after. In this workshop, get ready to let go and go with the flow. You won’t be able to hold onto your creative patterns. You’ll be creating collaboratively and in many new directions… Sometimes all at once! If I had to Field Trip in a word, it would be fresh.”
-Jocelyn Todd  – Field Trip CDF 2015


“Field Trip is a space for brave experimentation and light-hearted collaboration. Allison’s active focusing techniques surprised us and channelled our experience of walking through a familiar space into a plenty of source material. The processes Allison shared with us seemed to highlight the differences between participants as the most fertile points of collaboration. As an artist working in sculpture and theatre design I was deeply satisfied with the broad scope of the intensive. Our physical work was enmeshed with the architecture of our space, a consideration of Time, the practice of writing and the new texts that resulted, objects and audio; I took away an awareness of each element’s reliance on the others in the creation of performance. Field Trip instilled a new confidence in my ability to improvise translations between disciplines.”
-Shannon Lea Doyle – Field Trip Toronto 2013