She's Perfectly Well

Concept/choreography : Allison Cummings

Filmographer/Editor/Projection: Stephen O’Connell

Sound Design: Richard Windeyer

Danielle Baskerville – House
Viv Moore – Window

Trinity Square Video – Moving Pictures Festival – November 2005
Toronto Ontario

The Theatre Centre – hum dancesoundart – April 2006
Toronto Ontario

Trinity Square Video Gallery and Moving Pictures Festival of Dance on Film and Video are pleased to co-presented She’s Perfectly Well, an installation by dance artist Allison Cummings and theatre artist Stephen O’Connell (of Bluemouth Inc.)  in the TSV Gallery.

Inspired, in part, by A.A. Milne’s poem “Rice Pudding,” Cummings and O’Connell explore the social conditions of women in the Victorian era with a combination of video, dance, sound and sculpture.

She’s Perfectly Well juxtaposes playful and sinister imagery to depict two women (performed by Viv Moore and Danielle Baskerville) struggling with social expectations. She’s Perfectly Well was developed from a dance performance by Cummings, originally staged at the 2003 Hysteria Festival. Following the festival, Cummings teamed up with Stephen O’Connell to reshape the performance into an interdisciplinary installation using a dollhouse and a window as the supports for two video projections of the dancers, with a soundscape by Richard Windeyer.

What is the matter with Mary Jane?
She’s perfectly well, and she hasn’t a pain;
But, look at her, now she’s beginning again!
What is the matter with Mary Jane?
– “Rice Pudding” by A.A. Milne

Photos by Stephen O’Connell